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Must be of legal smoking age in your province or state in order to use this website. Use of electronic and e-liquid vaporizers is at your own risk!


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Warranty Disclaimer

This website and all products and materials herein are provided "as is" and without liability and warranties of any kind, either indirect or express. To the maximum extent allowed pursuant to applicable law, Ice Vape Inc. renounces all warranties, implied or express, as well as, but not only, indirect warranties of merchantability and appropriateness for a specific purpose, Ice Vape Inc. does not warrant or represent that the contents of this website will be error – free incessant, that such defects will be amended, or that this website or the server through which the website is available are free of viruses or other detrimental components. Ice Vape Inc. does not make any representations or warranties concerning the use of the contents of this website in line with their accuracy, correctness, usefulness, timeliness, adequacy, reliability or others. Some states do not allow exclusions or limitations of warranties. Therefore the above limitations may not be applicable to you.

Liability Limitation

Ice Vape Inc. will not be responsible for any momentous or special damages arising from the use of, the inability or the use of, the materials and content on this website or the efficient of the products, albeit Ice Vape Inc. has been noted of the likelihood of such damages. The appropriate law may not permit the limitation of prohibiting of incidental, liability or consequential damages. Consequently, the limitation or exclusion above may not be applicable to you.

Mistakes and Typographical Errors

If an Ice Vape Inc. product is wrongly listed at an inappropriate price, Ice Vape Inc. reserves the right and obligation to cancel or refuse any orders placed for such product listed at the wrong price. Ice Vape Inc. has the right to cancel or refuse such orders whether such order has been confirmed or not and your credit card debited. In a situation where your credit card has been debited for the purchase, and your order is canceled, Ice Vape Inc. will credit to your card with the amount of the wrong price.

Termination Terms

These terms and conditions are valid immediately you access this website or/and completion of the signing – up or shopping exercise. Ice Vape Inc. reserved the right to terminate any these terms and conditions, or any part of them without notice for any reason at any time. The part of this terms relating to Copyrights, Disclaimer, Trademark, Indemnification, Miscellaneous and Limitation of Liability shall withstand any termination.

Using This Website

You shall not harass, chat, or use any abusive or obscene language in any manner on or from the site, including through e-mail. Impersonating others, as well as Ice Vape Inc. or another certified worker, host, employee or representative, and other members or guest on the site is forbidden. You shall not upload to, distribute or publish through this website any content or material which is defamatory, libelous, obscene, threatening, invasive of publicity or privacy rights, illegal, abusive, or offensive which may institute or lead to a criminal offense, infringe the rights of any party or which may lead to violation or liability of any law. You shall not upload or promote commercial content on this website or use the site to market or solicit for others to join or become affiliates of any other commercial online service or organization.

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Using some services or features through or on this website may necessitate you to open an account or sign up (as well as registering a www.Icevape.ca ID and password). You are solely responsible for keeping and maintaining the security and confidentiality of the details for your account, like your password, and for any and all action that ensues under your account from failure to keep this information confidential and safe. You agree to inform Ice Vape Inc. instantly of any illegal use of your account details, password, or any other security breach. You will be held responsible for losses incurred by Ice Vape Inc. or other visitor or user of the website or to any other person using www.Icevape.ca ID, account or password as a consequence of your failure to keep your account details confidential and secure.

Violation of These Terms of Use

Ice Vape Inc. may reveal any details we collected and have about you (as well as your identity) if we decide that such disclosure is essential or obligatory in regards to any complaint or investigation concerning your use of the website, or to detect, connect or bring legal action against somebody who might be causing injury to or interfering with (either deliberately or unintentionally) Ice Vape Inc. property or rights, or to the property rights of visitors or website users, as well as Ice Vape Inc. clients. Ice Vape Inc. has the right at all times to reveal and disclose any information that Ice Vape Inc. considers necessary to fulfill any applicable law, legal process regulation or governmental demand. Ice Vape Inc. may also disclose your details when Ice Vape Inc. deems it fit that appropriate law permits or requires disclosure, including switching information with other organization and companies for fraud and misappropriation protection purposes. You admit that Ice Vape Inc. may, in its sole decision and without former notice, terminate your access to this website or/and disallow your future access to this website if we decide that you have violated any or part of these Terms of Use or other guidelines or agreements which may be linked to your use of this website. You also accept that any violation of these Terms of Use by you will create an unfair and unlawful business practice, which will cause irreversible impairment to Ice Vape Inc. for which fiscal damages would be insufficient, and you agree to Ice Vape Inc. taking any equitable or injunctive relief that Ice Vape Inc. considers appropriate or necessary in such conditions. These solutions are added to any other solution Ice Vape Inc. may have at equity or law. In case if Ice Vape Inc. does not take any lawful act against you as a consequence of you violating these Terms of Use, Ice Vape Inc. shall be eligible to recuperate from you, and you admit to pay, all realistic attorneys’ costs and fees of such action, with any other respite granted to Ice Vape Inc. You also agree that Ice Vape Inc. will not be held responsible if you or any third party terminate your access to this website as a consequence of any violation of these Terms of Use.


You shall not use, transfer or re-export any material, Content or any part or version of such Content, or any service or product offered on this website, in violation of any valid and relevant regulations or laws, as well as and not limited to Canada’s export laws and regulations. If any provision or part of these Terms of Use is decided or ruled by a court or any other tribunal competent jurisdiction to be invalid or not enforceable, such provisions and part shall be limited or removed to the least extent necessary and be substituted with a valid provision that best certifies the intent of these Terms of Use, making these Terms of Use to remain enforceable and effective. These Terms of Use establish the whole agreement between you and Ice Vape Inc. with respect to your usage of this website, and any other oral or written agreements or contracts formerly established between you and Ice Vape Inc. in regards to such use are hereby canceled and superseded. Aside as offered in a purchase agreement you accept with Ice Vape Inc. website, Ice Vape Inc. will not agree to any other offers to these Terms of Use and offers as such are hereby specifically rejected. Ice Vape Inc. failure to enforce or insist strict enforcement of these Terms of Use shall not be interpreted as a renunciation by Ice Vape Inc. of any provision or any responsibility it has to implement these Terms of Use, nor shall any act or conduct between you and Ice Vape Inc. or any other party be considered to amend any provision or part of these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use will not be interpreted or construed to deliberate any solution or rights on any third parties.